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Other Popular Cultures Of Japan 

Geisha 芸者

Geisha are traditional female entertainers in Japan.
Their skills include performing different kinds of Japanese arts such as dance and classical music.
There are a few stages in a career of a geisha. There are a few stages in a career as a Geisha.
The stages are Shikomi, Misedashi, Minarai, Mizuage, Erikae, San san kudo, Hiki-iwai and lastly, Okami-san.

One of the most unique feature about Geisha is the makeup.
The makeup process is very hard to achieve and it takes a lot of time and patience to apply to an individual.
The makeup process itself is considered a masterpiece as not many people are able to perfect it.

Steps to apply make up for geisha

A Geisha with full makeup.

Samurai サムライ  

The origins of samurai has been around in Japan since the Heian Period.In Japan, samurai is usually referred as bushi.
They are non-other than the warriors of premodern Japan.
They became the highest ranking social caste of the Edo Period as they made up the ruling military class.
Their lifestyle always follow their ethic code which is The Way of the Warrior.
The samurai usually uses different kinds of weapons.
They use long-ranged weapons like spears, bow and arrows and even guns (modern samurai) and short-ranged weapon like swords.
To a samurai, their main weapon or a symbol that shows that they are a samurai was the sword.

A samurai warrior in a full set of armor

Some of the weapons which are used by the samurai.

Starting from the left, Naginata, Katana, Wakizashi and Yari.

Ninja 忍者  

A ninja is known as a hired mercenary which are also referred as shinobi.

The reason why ninjas are wearing a black set of clothes and a black mask to cover their face is obvious at this point- To mask their identity.
Ninjas are trained to perform their ‘tasks’ efficiently and effectively and they leave no traces or evidences behind. In the modern times of Japan, ninjas became an inspiration to manga(comic) artists.
An example of the manga inspired by ninja is Naruto.