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Manga 漫画

Manga is a word used to refer comics and cartooning in Japan.
The word manga is used as a term to refer comics which are originally published in Japan.
There are a lot of genres in manga such as action, comedy, romance, horror, fantasy and much more.
It does not matter if it is a child, teenager or an adult because people of all ages read manga in Japan.
There are many different art styles and illustrations used in the manga.
It all depends on the artist on how they want to portray their characters in different styles.

A manga generally comes in black and white.
The manga artists have a lot of details to draw and they have make it within a certain deadline,
and because of that the artists do not have time to color their work.
Usually the special chapters of a certain manga are the ones that has color in it.

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Anime アニメ

Anime is an abbreviation from the word animation in Japanese.
The word anime is used as a term to refer animation which are originally released in Japan.
Combining graphic art and cinematography, anime is considered an ideal ‘story-telling’ mechanism.
Most of the anime are based on the manga. There are also many production studios in Japan like Toei Animation and Studio Ghibli.
Different studios have their own style and ways they want to make the animation like the color used for the animation and the sounds (i.e. fighting sounds ).

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Cosplay コスプレ  

‘Cosplay’ which is a contraction of the words ‘Costume’ and ‘Play’ is a representation of individuals who represent a specific character.
Examples are characters from animated series, characters from games and sometimes people come up with their own kind of cosplay.
Throughout the years, the cosplay culture expanded all around the world.

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